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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation – Being hurt or ill can be exceptionally stressful, especially if time on the job and salary has to be missed. There can be even more stress if the injury or illness occurred on the job. However, worker’s compensation laws help to protect the rights and the finances of people who have been injured at work. These laws are intended to protect people who have been injured or disabled while on the job with compensation and monetary awards that will allow them to avoid litigation. Another purpose of these laws is to keep an injured or disabled employee from recovering so much compensation that would destroy the viability of the company.

For a hard working individual worker, there are some limitations and rules that govern filing a workers compensation claim. In most cases, the employee must file the claim within 30 days of the date they were injured. It is also best to report the information about the job related injury to a union representative as the more documentation regarding a workers compensation case, the more likely the result will be in the employee’s favor. The employer then sends a copy of the notice of injury form, called the DWC-1, on to their worker’s compensation insurance company.

What to expect with a Workers Compensation claim filing

The employee has one year to file a claim form asking for workers compensation benefits, however, just like filing a claim with the employer, the sooner this paperwork if filed, the better for the employee. If, for some reason, the employee doesn’t file the initial report to their employee within 30 days from the time they were hurt do to a work-related condition, the employee may be out of luck in receiving compensation. However, if an employee has exhibited some evidence of an injury, and perhaps even discussed the injury to others, they may still have an opportunity to receive necessary benefits. For example, if an employee has an injury and is limping at work prior to the 30 day notification deadline, the courts may decide that it was reasonable for the employer to recognize the limp may have been the result of a work-related injury. It is generally best to speak to an attorney for guidance through a workers compensation case, especially if a deadline was missed.

Workers Compensation claim

Workers Compensation claim

Some employers have physician information included in the forms a new employee fills out. If so, an employee may be able to go to their own doctor if they are injured on the job. If this is possible, it must be the doctor designated on the employment paperwork, and not a specialist or a different doctor other than the one previously presented. If a doctor was not pre-designated, then the employee will probably have to see a workers’ compensation doctor the insurance company or the employer recommend, or at least a doctor within the company’s network.

Employers are required to have workers compensation insurance coverage of some sort, either through the state or via a self-insured plan. If an employer doesn’t have this coverage, an injured employee has the right to sue their employer in civil court for medical costs and lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

Applying for Workers Comp. Benefits –

You ought to hear whether your claim is accepted or rejected from your employer or its claims administrator within 90 days from the date the claim form is provided to your employer. If you do not, your injury will be presumed to be covered.

Exactly what benefits am I entitled to with a Workman’s Comp.?

Workers’ payment insurance coverage offers 5 fundamental benefits:

  • Medical care: Paid for by your company to assist you recuperate from an injury or health problem triggered by work.
  • Temporary disability advantages: Payments if you lose wages due to the fact that your injury precludes you from doing your usual job while recuperating.
  • Permanent impairment benefits: Payments if you don’t recover entirely.
  • Workers Compensation case

    Workers Compensation case

    Supplemental job displacement benefits: Coupons to help pay for retraining or schooling if you do not recuperate entirely and do not go back to work for your company.

  • Death benefits: Payments to the spouse, kids or other dependents if a worker passes away from a on the job injury or health problem.

How will my workers compensation case end?

Your case is settled when there is a contract between you and the claims administrator or a judge issues an order about your Workmen’s Compensation Laws case dealing with temporary disability, permanent disability and future healthcare that will be supplied to you. In order to protect your rights, whether or not you are represented by a lawyer, settlements should be assessed by a workers’ compensation administrative law judge, to determine whether they are adequate.

What types of Workman’s Compensation Insurance Settlements are there?

There are two various methods to settle your case:

  • Stipulations with Request for Award.

Payments – You and the claims administrator settle on the quantity of short-term or irreversible disability payments you will get. This is normally paid in regular bi-weekly payments.

Medical care – The claims administrator typically agrees to pay for treatment if needed. This treatment is usually outlined by a doctor and relates to the injury that has been suffered.

  • Compromise and Release.

One payment – The claims administrator settles on an amount to solve your claim. This is usually paid in a lump sum.
Treatment – If the lump sum includes the approximated expense of future healthcare, the claims administrator will no longer pay your doctor. This becomes your obligation.

Being injured or disabled on the job is a stressful situation and knowing what to do is another problem when it comes to your workers compensation case claim. It is safest to have an attorney guide the injured or disabled party through the process. – Contact one today.