New York Court Rejects Defendants’ Attempt to Moot Class Plaintiffs’ Claims By Depositing Funds With the Court

A federal district court judge in New York has denied a request by the defendants in a putative class action to deposit funds with the Clerk of Court in the amount of the defendants Rule 68 offer of judgment ($400) an amount the defendants assert would moot the two named plaintiffs individual claims and require […]

Sixth Circuit Finds No Remmer Violation and Rejects Johnson Challenge in Death Penalty Appeal

In United States v. Taylor, a jury in theEastern District of Tennessee convicted Defendant Rejon Taylor of carjacking and kidnapping that both resulted in death and of using a firearm tocommit murder while committing the referenced offenses. The jury recommendeda death sentence, which the district court imposed.One of themore interesting issues Taylor raised on appeal […]

Court Rejects Lawsuit Alleging Fox'' s ' New Girl ' Was Stolen from Two Writers

Just prior to New Year’s Day, a government court analyzed their claims of exactly how they went shopping a recommended tv collection entitled Square One, as well as exactly how their manuscript presumably was copied to develop a comedy starring ZooeyDeschanelabout a female relocating in with male roomies. The claim was submitted in […]