The Punishment Gap: School Suspension and Racial Disparities in Achievement

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 The Punishment Gap: School Suspension and Racial Disparities in Achievement Edward Morris andBrea Perry’s new study of the connection between discipline practices and the racial achievement gapis a must read. The abstract offers this summary: While scholars have studied the racial achievement gap for several decades, the mechanisms that produce this […]

What’s the Punishment for Distilling Alcohol at Home?

So you have a family recipe for moonshine, which your hipster friends find superb. Your people have passed down the secrets of distillation for generations, and you are proud of this tradition, especially when you see how popular your homemade spirits are with pals. They insist you should go into business and are even willing […]

Religion In Corporal Punishment Precludes Adoption A pair whose deeply-held spiritual ideas consist of the usage of corporal penalty as an approach of kid rearing were appropriately rejected the capability to end up being foster moms and dads as well as to take on, according to a choice provided today by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.The division has actually not tested the Magazus ‘opinion that their usage of corporal penalty is based on their genuinely held spiritual ideas. Developing an exemption to this plan for people like the Magazus that use physical self-control in consistency with their spiritual ideas would significantly weaken the division’s significant rate of interest in shielding the psychological as well as physical wellness of kids whose well-being has actually been left to the division’s treatment. Anticipating the division to position with the Magazus youngsters that have actually not experienced disregard or misuse is neither practical neither sensible provided the kind of kids offered by the division as well as the possible scarcity of details worrying the specific nature as well as extent of their previous injury.

New Capital Punishment Study Highlights ‘Traditional Problems’ Concerning Innocence as well as Death Row

The 2015 exonerations of 6 fatality row prisoners have as soon as again highlighted the prevalent issues influencing the management of outstanding penalty throughout the United States. The numbers were highlighted in a brand-new record launched by the Death Penalty Information Center.According to the facilities 2015 Year End Report, the standard issues with the fatality […]