“Ew Part II: EU/US Reach Privacy Shield Agreement”

Its been four months since the EU invalidated the Safe Harbor agreement that had been allowing US companies to transfer data into and out of the EU despite the EUs more stringent privacy laws. I wrote about that here. In the ensuing clusterkerfuffle (trademarked term), US companies have scrambled to adopt policies incorporating the EUs […]

"Judge Vance Day should be ousted from job, in part for refusing to marry gays, commission says"

“Court: Arizona judicial candidates can’t seek campaign cash.” The Associated Press has a report that begins, “A federal appeals court has reversed course and now says Arizona can prohibit some candidates for elected judgeships from soliciting campaign contributions or participating in somebody else’s campaign.” And Courthouse News Service reports that “Ariz. Limits on Campaigning Judges […]

LGBT Homeless Youth at Risk, Part 3 of 3

Regardless of a persons gender, sexual preference, or questioning manner, all people are entitled to have their basic human needs met and to be treated with equality and dignity. To this end, organizations that serveLGBTQ homeless youth need to providea strongsystem of support and understanding for this vulnerable population. Comprehendingthe risks and challenges that LGBTQ […]