President Obama Blames Male Legislators For The ‘Tampon Tax’ In 40 States

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 President Obama Blames Male Legislators For The Tampon Tax In 40 States Time, President Obama Doesnt Understand the Tampon Tax Either: President Obama said the existence of a luxury goods tax placed on feminine sanitary products like tampons and pads is likely due to the fact that men wrote the laws […]

Male priest that will not put on make-up demands spiritual prejudice

When he declined to use make-up, he was declined accreditation as a permanent M.A.C. make-up musician and also had to function asa free-lancer. He claims he hasn’t already been able to obtain a make-up job since.According to the Rev. Jones, an M.A.C. fitness instructor informed him that M.A.C. artistshad toexperience the elegance items. It shows […]