Additional Thoughts on the Passing of Justice Scalia

by Gerard Magliocca February 13, 2016 In addition to what Ive posted at Balkanization, I want to add a couple of further technical things. Some discussion is already underway about the relevance of Justice Abe Fortass inability to get confirmed as Chief Justice Earl Warrens successor in 1968 (another presidential election year). I recently published […]

[Ilya Somin] Justice Antonin Scalia, RIP

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. (Reuters/Kevin Lamarque/Files) Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scaliapassed awayunexpectedly earlier Saturday. He was the senior associate justice on the Court, and possibly its best-known conservative. Few experts would deny that he was one of the most important and influential Supreme Court justices of the last several decades. Scalias most significant legacy […]

How the Criminal Justice System Works, from Arrest to Trial

Many people are fortunate enough to only understand the criminal justice system through TV shows and the news. Because they’ve never been through the rigors of a criminal charge and trial, they’re not familiar with how the process works, and what order everything happens in. If you were previously one of these fortunate people, but […]

Reproaction Launches to Advance Reproductive Justice

Saturday, February 6, 2016 Reproaction Launches to Advance Reproductive Justice Feministing (Jan. 25, 2016): The Feministing Five: Reproaction, by Suzanna Bobadilla: Erin Matson and Pamela Merritthave foundedReproaction a direct action group working “to engage peopleacross the US to fight forreproductive justice.” Erin Matson explains, [W]e are proud to be a direct action organization. Direct action […]

Case Law: R (on the application of C) v Secretary of State for Justice, An open or shut case? – Alasdair Henderson

When is it right to keepthe names of parties to litigation asecret? That was the difficult question the Supreme Court had to grapplewith in the case ofR(C) v. Secretary of State for Justice ([2016] UKSC 2).The decision to allow a double-murderer to remain anonymous led tooutraged headlinesin the tabloids. Yet the Court reached the unanimous […]