More on those TPP Economic Estimates

A couple days ago, I briefly expressed skepticism about the economic estimates being offered up related to the TPP (see also here). Working independently, but with similar ideological priors, here’s my Cato colleague Dan Ikenson offering more detailed thoughts: With apologies to my trade economist friends, anyone who treats the estimates produced by economic […]

Bloomberg Estimates of Breakeven Prices in Shale Plays

Bloombergs estimates of the oil price necessary to recover drilling, completion and operating costs in various shale plays (click to enlarge): The winners: DeWitt County in the Eagle Ford Shale, $23/bbl, the Wolfcamp in Reeves County, $24/bbl, and the Bone Spring in Ward County, $25/bbl. Except for DeWitt County, all breakeven prices below $30/bbl are […]