Italian Budget Law – Taxation Measures Aim to Increase Economic Growth

February 22, 2016 Previously published on February 15, 2016 The 2016 Budget Law (so called ‘Legge di Stabilit 2016’), Law no. 208 of 28 December 2015, was published in the Official Gazzette no. 302 of 30 December 2015. The Law offers many appealing provisions for domestic and foreign taxpayers and aims at increasing growth by […]

More on those TPP Economic Estimates

A couple days ago, I briefly expressed skepticism about the economic estimates being offered up related to the TPP (see also here). Working independently, but with similar ideological priors, here’s my Cato colleague Dan Ikenson offering more detailed thoughts: With apologies to my trade economist friends, anyone who treats the estimates produced by economic […]