Why do I need an Immigration Attorney during my Criminal Case?

As I sit here working on my most recent crimmigration consultation case, I realize more and more the need for non-citizens to have trusted advice and immigration counsel during their criminal cases. I have mentioned on many occasions that the time to hire an immigration attorney is not after you or your loved one is […]

Reported concussions up by 58% in NFL during 2015

Reported concussions increased by 58% in statistics reported by the NFL yesterday. But’s that’s just part of the problem. What about sub-concussive blows and repeated head trauma and the long term brain damage that these injuries cause? Not surprisingly, the NfL doesn’t want to discuss this. See my comments in today’s NY Daily News. http://braininjury.blogs.com/braininjury/2016/01/reported-concussions-up-by-58-in-nfl-during-2015.html