Breaking: White House & Department of Education Declare War on Chronic Student Absenteeism #chronic absenteeism

Today the White House and the federal Department of Education, in partnership with the Ad Council, launched a campaign designed to reduce chronic school absenteeism.The press release states as follows:”Chronic absenteeism, or missing at least ten percent of school days in the school year, or a month or more of school, excused or unexcused, is […]

BREAKING: Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Were Detained

Last year, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agriculture specialists at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) prepared for Valentines Day during this season (Jan 1-Feb. 14) by processing over 37 million flower stems and intercepting 372 pests. And Los Angeles didnt process as many as Miami. In fact, they werent even a close second. Miami […]