Three Injured in Gilbert, AZ Dump Truck Accident

Gilbert, AZ Three people were injured in an accident with a dump truck that occurred on Monday, December 21, near the intersection of Elliot and Lindsey roads around 7 a.m.

According to police, the car and dump truck collided near the intersection. It isnt clear what caused the accident to occur, but the two occupants of the car suffered minor injuries, while the driver of the dump truck suffered a head injury and was taken to a nearby hospital.

The two vehicles caught fire, but luckily, all passengers were able to escape. Police are still investigating.

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It isnt clear what happened in this accident, but some more investigation needs to be done to find out who is at fault in the incident. If one of the vehicles ran a red light or cut out in front of the other vehicle, theyd need to be responsible for the injuries that resulted from the accident. And, if the driver of the dump truck was at fault, the company he works for could also bear some responsibility in the incident.

Trucking companies are supposed to make sure their employees are properly trained, have safe driving records, and that their vehicles are in good working order. Again, Im not saying the truck driver here is responsible, but this is why an investigation is so important, so that the victim or victims get the justice they deserve.

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