Car Accident Crash Victims in Orange California

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What Counts as a Car Accident and What Leads to a Car Accident?

Car Accident Crash Victims Orange CaliforniaAn automobile accident, also known as a car accident, is a common happening on the streets and highways of Orange County. In general, a car accident is defined a collision of a car with another vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist. The general legal principles of negligence along with government code are used to determine whether the person who caused the collision should be help liable to pay for any damages that result. When a person is found to be liable to pay for damages resulting from a car crash, it is usually because they broke a law or acted negligently. Since every driver in California is required to carry liability insurance, it is generally the insurance carrier that must defend the tortfeasor and pay on the claim.

After an accident it is important to reach safety. Sometimes cars and trucks are flying by and those cars can cause further damages and personal injury. Once out of the way of further potential harm, calling law enforcement and emergency services is an important next step. The local police or California Highway Patrol should respond and take a report to document what happened. Witness statements are generally taken down and placed in the report so that the Defendant cannot later change their story. Where injuries are serious, EMT and ambulance services are extremely important to respond to the scene. They can save lives and limit personal injury.

Orange CA Car Accident Lawyer

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The question then becomes what do you do next? You have been hurt by someone else. Your car is broken down. Now what! The insurance carrier of the person who caused the whole thing is calling you wanting information about the nature and extent of your injuries. They want to know where your car is so they can send out an inspector. The adjuster wants a recorded statement. All of these things cause extreme anxiety and should be taken very seriously. The adjuster is building up the case against the victim in order to pay them out small.

To get help dealing with these issues, Car Accident Crash Victims in Orange California should get in touch with a strong law firm that handles it all for you. To find out if you qualify for no win no fee arrangement, set up a free phone consultation with The Napolin Law Firm Orange County.

Ways to Avoid Becoming a Car Accident Crash Victims in Orange California

Stay out of a second car collision, follow the steps to avoid automobile accidents.

Car Accident Crash Victims in Orange California
Car Accident Crash Victims in Orange California

Just because it wasn’t your fault does not mean that you can’t take steps to avoid further automobile collisions. A car accident is an upsetting experience and it should be avoided at all costs. Even minor injuries can completely decimate the rhythm of one’s life. Therefore, being a proactive collision avoider in Orange is extremely important. Be sure to obey all traffic laws. Beyond that, make sure to watch your mirrors and look for roadways hazards. This consciousness should extend beyond the immediate surroundings. It should extend to other vehicles and how they are behaving and what hazards they might encounter that could cause them to hit you. Sudden slowing of traffic should be watched ahead to give the person behind you a chance to realize they need to stop, especially if they are following too closely. Using hazard lights is also a good idea to signal that a hazard such as a slow down on the Orange Crush is happening (22, 57 and 5 freeway interchange).

Accidents happen of varying intensity. Some people walk away from horrendous accidents without a mark on their body. Others who are mildly rear ended near their home on a residential street end up needing spine surgery to fix a ruptured disc. There is not necessarily a connection between the size of impact and the size of injury sustained. Catastrophic back and spine injuries can result from even minor impacts. It is therefore true that motor vehicles are extremely dangerous and should be operated with the up-most caution.

In the scenario you experience personal injury such as broken bone, TBI, whiplash, herniated disc in an automobile accident, consult an attorney. You can reach Alexander at The Napolin Law Firm for Orange Car Accident Legal Help if you have been the victim of someone’s crazy driving behavior in Orange County.


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