10 Steps To Build A Car Accident Injury Claim

TenĀ Steps to Building an Motor Vehicle Injury Claim

10 Steps To Build A Car Accident Injury Claim
10 Steps To Build A Car Accident Injury Claim

10 Steps To Build A Car Accident Injury Claim – When you have been hurt in an auto collision and are not at fault you will have a good chance of receiving compensation for your losses. In order to have a legitimate claim, you will need to show that the other driver’s actions were the cause of the accident and that your injuries are substantial.

Substantial Injuries and Damages Include:

  • Injuries that must be treated by a medical professional
  • Expenses related to the injury paid out of pocket
  • Lost wages during recovery or treatment of those injuries
  • Suffering and pain endured as a result of the injury

10 Steps To Build A Car Accident Injury Claim

1. Call 911

Do not let the other driver or anyone else dissuade you from calling 911. Do not agree to anything without making an official report. Even if the damage is not major, only the at-fault driver has an interest in not contacting the authorities.

2. Exchange Info. With the Other Driver/s

Ask the other driver to write down your information, and ask them to let you do the same. Insurance cards and Photo IDs should be transcribed mutually. If the other driver has any outstanding warrants, tickets, or does not have auto insurance they will be reluctant to share their identity.

3. Create Video and Photographic Evidence

You cannot begin taking photos too soon. You should make photographic evidence of everything that has been damaged areas of your vehicle, as well as undamaged areas in order to show contrast. Photograph the other driver’s car as well. Do not let them tell you that you may not do so.

4. Listen for Acknowledgment of One’s Responsibility & Record Their Statements

Keep the other driver talking as much as possible. Try to keep the situation from seeming confrontational or threatening. Make a record of anything important that they say, especially any admissions of guilt either intentional or unintentional. If they say anything like ‘I was overtired,’ ‘My brakes are in bad shape,’ ‘I wasn’t paying attention,’ or anything like that- write it down. Record it if possible.

Car Accident Injury Claim
Car Accident Injury Claim

5. Find Witnesses, Record Their Statements

Speak with anyone who witnessed the accident. Take down their account of the events. Who do they think was at fault and why?

6. Record your own Statement

As soon after the incident as you can, make a full written record of the accident. Continue this record as the case proceeds and record everything related to the accident. Everything. Include dates and times of day.

7. Get the Police Report

You have a right to have the police report and you should get it. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it, not even the police.

8. Do not Refuse Emergency Care

If EMTs arrive, accept emergency care if it is offered. If you are planning to sue for injuries it would be very bad for your case if you refused care on the scene.

9. Seek Follow-up Medical Care

For your own health, and for the health of your case, it is important to treat your injuries seriously.

10. Contact the Other Driver’s Insurance Provider

Find out how the other driver’s insurance provider intends to handle the case. Whether or not they intend to pay for damages or fight will be a strong indicator of the strength of your case. It would be wise to meet with the other driver’s attorney for the same reasons.

Finally, It’s best to really contact a car accident lawyer in your local area. This insures you have built your injury claim right and gives the attorney all the information data he or she will need. An auto accident injury claim attorney can help organize, build upon your foundation and give you the best car accident injury compensation you deserve for damages and injuries. You’re going to have medical bills, possible collision or new car compensation, and all damages that may have occurred to any property. A Lawyer for car accidents after a collision or motor vehicle crash is your best step and last step after theĀ 10 Steps To Build A Car Accident Injury Claim.

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