Double your gift — support no-cost childcare at Marion County Court


Help launch a BRAND-NEW CourtCare program in Marion County! DONATE NOW and COURTCARE WILL DOUBLE IT


Fundraising for Marion County CourtCare has officially launched with a year-end campaign. The CourtCare Steering Committee and anonymous donors have put together a boost for the campaign. For every dollar you donate to CourtCare by the end of 2015, the Steering Committee and Friends have agreed to match you, dollar for dollar!

But what IS CourtCare? Like the Multnomah County program, Marion County CourtCare will establish a safe and professional child care service for litigants to use at no cost during the time they spend at the courthouse. This will benefit:

our children — they will have a happy and welcoming place to stay… away from scary adult problems;our litigants — they can concentrate on important court business without the additional stress of shepherding children;our court — no need to reschedule for child care cancellations or to ask court staff to care for children brought into court;our community — attorneys speak authentically about “access to justice” by offering services that make it a reality.”Our community desperately needs more cost effective options for all families, but especially litigants, who are often facing additional financial and emotional challenges.” – Salem family law attorney

“Court Care provides a service for single parents to come to court without exposing their children to the ‘criminal atmosphere.’ “

– Marion County Deputy Public Defender

“Any time a layperson is going to court, it’s stressful. Being required to take children to court because they do not have child care unnecessarily adds to that parents stress level. Anyone who is parent can relate.” — another Salem family law attorney

Your donation is tax-deductible if you itemize. Click here to donate with a card or by PayPal, or make send a check payable to the Oregon Law Foundation – Marion County CourtCare to the Oregon State Bar, PO Box 231935, Tigard, Oregon 97281.

For more information and to share your support, contact Erin Dawson (

Spread the word and help Marion County CourtCare start the campaign on a great note!