Drivers Unable to Stop Texting Behind the Wheel

Surveys show that although many drivers are aware of the dangers related to texting and driving, they continue to engage in this risky behavior. Today, experts often consider texting while driving as a worse public hazard than driving intoxicated. Yet, alarmingly, over 800,000 drivers are still committing this offense at any given time across the country.

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Drivers cite to the addictive nature of receiving and answering text messages as a possible explanation for perpetuating this unsafe habit. Additionally, 77 percent of young adults feel confident in their ability to multi-task on the road. Other justifications for continuing to text and drive include:

Reading a text message is not as dangerous as composing and sending one. Holding the cellphone close to the steering wheel or windshield eliminates visibility problems. I only text when stopped at a traffic light.

According to the National Safety Council, texting while driving contributes to over one million motor vehicle crashes every year. One in four crashes involve cellphone use at the time of the incident. Teenage drivers, who have grown up with modern technology, are particularly prone to using their cellphones to text, email, or check social media behind the wheel. In fact, texting and driving remains the number one driving distraction for teens.

Illinois Texting and Driving Car Accidents

Texting and driving has become a national epidemic, contributing to more than 330,000 car accident injuries and thousands of fatal crashes annually. Statistics show that when you choose to text and drive:

You are 23 times more likely to get into a car crash. It is equivalent to driving after consuming four beers.It is equivalent to driving blind for five seconds at a time. You are six times more likely to cause an accident, compared to driving drunk.Your reaction speed is reduced by 18 percent.

In Illinois, it is illegal for any person to use a handheld electronic device while operating a motor vehicle, and a driver who violates state law by texting and driving can face serious consequences. Unfortunately, despite knowing the possible repercussions, some Illinois drivers find it difficult to resist the temptation of reading a text message. The Illinois Department of Transportations 2013 Report cited cellphone-related distractions as a causal factor in nearly 1,400 car crashes.

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