"The Votes of Other Judges"

“State seeks to preserve lifetime GPS monitoring of sex offender”: Earlier this month, Bruce Vielmetti of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had an article that begins, “Wisconsin tried Friday to persuade a federal appeals court to reverse a judge’s decision that lifetime GPS monitoring of some sex offenders violates the constitution.”

Also earlier this month, Wisconsin Public Radio reported that “Lifetime GPS Monitoring Of Sex Offenders At Issue In Federal Case; State Argues To Appeals Court That Lifetime Monitoring Isn’t A Form Of Punishment.”

And The Associated Press reported earlier this month that “Court considers challenge to lifetime GPS monitoring for some sex offenders in Wisconsin.”

Yesterday, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit issued an opinion holding that a Wisconsin law that requires lifetime GPS monitoring of a formerly civilly committed sex offender, who committed multiple sex offenses against children, neither violates the Fourth Amendment nor constitutes an unconstitutional ex post facto law. Circuit Judge Richard A. Posner wrote the majority opinion. And Circuit Judge Joel M. Flaum issued an opinion concurring in the judgment.

The appeal was orally argued on January 8, 2016. You can access the oral argument audio via this link (17.9 MB mp3 audio file). And the Wisconsin Department of Justice has posted online the opposing parties’ principal briefs here and here.

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“Appeals court: Sign restriction violated free-speech rights.” The Associated Press has this report on a ruling that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit issued yesterday.

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“The Votes of Other Judges”: Law professors Eric A. Posner and Adrian Vermeule have posted this paper online at SSRN.

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“Law Blogging Is Not ‘Journalism'”: S.M. Oliva has this blog post today.

My two recent related posts can be accessed here and here.

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“Texas’ Devious Plan To Silently Kill Roe v. Wade”: Ian Millhiser had this post yesterday at ThinkProgress discussing the Brief for Respondents that Texas recently filed in the U.S. Supreme Court in the case captioned Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, No. 15-274.

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“Court reinstates Kountze cheerleader religious-message lawsuit”: Chuck Lindell of The Austin American-Statesman has an article that begins, “In a case that has become a rallying cry for leading state Republicans and conservative Christians, the Texas Supreme Court on Friday reinstated a lawsuit by Kountze cheerleaders seeking to protect their use of religious messages during football games.”

Bobby Blanchard of The Dallas Morning News has a blog post titled “Texas high court reinstates lawsuit over cheerleaders with religious messaging.”

Reuters reports that “Texas Supreme Court sides with cheerleaders on ‘Bible banners.'”

The Associated Press reports that “Texas top court sides with cheerleaders in Bible banner suit.”

And The Texas Tribune reports that “Cheerleader Case Can Proceed, State Supreme Court Rules.”

Yesterday’s ruling of the Supreme Court of Texas consisted of the opinion of the court and two concurring opinions (here and here).

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