Experienced DUI and DWI Lawyer and Traffic Violations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Michael Curtis Greenberg is an experienced attorney who has his offices located in the state of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He has 25 years of experience and his firm Law Offices of Michael Curtis Greenberg houses some of the best attorneys. They have been providing the people of New Jersey and Pennsylvania with zealous and vigorous criminal defense counsel. We make sure that we handle each of our case with a positive approach. Many of our clients have come to us as referrals because of our success rate and the fact that we are always willing to take on new challenges.download

For the out-of-state drivers, we provide complete counsel if they have been arrested or cited in the state of Pennsylvania or New Jersey. We also help people with Commercial Drivers License (CDL). In the 2016 AVVO ratings we got an outstanding 8.9/10 and more than 400 reviews.

Our Practice:

Our entire focus is on practice of handling different cases that include:

DUI & DWI Charges – We represent both first times as well as repeat offenders and ensure you that all the administrative hearing and criminals proceedings related to your driving privileges will be handled by our DUI Lawyer New Jersey. We check out your blood alcohol content (BAC) tests and any field sobriety tests too for their validity.

Traffic Violations – If you are charged with any type of traffic ticket we are always there to handle it for you. These violations include reckless driving, speeding, driving without insurance or license, failure to use caution, etc.

District Court and Municipal Court Crimes – People who are charged with any misdemeanors or disorderly persons offences in the state of Pennsylvania or New Jersey we will defend them. These crimes include minor drug crimes, theft offenses, harassment, loitering, public intoxication and stalking.

DUI of Drugs – We put up a strong defense for the right of the individuals who are charged for operating a vehicle under the influence of hallucinogen, narcotic and other controlled substances.


People often go partying or for dinners and maybe at that time you had one extra drink. On your way home, you might speed up a little or might not stop at the red light due to the fact you had little too much. The next thing would be that in your rear view mirror you might see flashers.

The consequences that you would be facing for DUI/DWI are quite devastating. Our DWI lawyer New Jersey can help you during such situation. The minimum consequence would be that you might have to pay substantial fine or your insurance premiums would b increased. A DUI/DWI charge can also lead to unemployment or you might be facing jail time or your license might be revoked.

Any individual who is facing such charges for them we will offer a comprehensive legal counsel. Mr. Greenberg conducts a thorough investigation of the circumstances and facts of your arrests and examines whether if the officer had any credible reason for stopping you. Our DUI Lawyer Pennsylvania review all the police reports and question any witnesses for the verification of field sobriety tests to see if they were conducted properly or not. We also look into if the police have followed the proper protocol while administering the BAC test.

We have been handling DUI/DWI cases for more than 24 years due to which we now have a strong understanding of all the convictions that an individual might face for penalties in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. We also handle cases for the individuals who were driving under the influence of drugs.


The penalties for drunk driving in New Jersey, depends on the number of time you have been arrested for drinking and driving as well as the alcohol content in your blood at the time of your arrest.

The penalties for drunk driving in Pennsylvania after the second offense you will be facing jail time for 2 years and even have to pay the fine.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

The states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey also charge when you drive a vehicle and are under the influence of a narcotic, habit-producing or hallucinogenic drug. You might be even charged for driving under the influence of a prescribed drug as it comes under the traffic violations NJ. If you have been charged for such traffic violations PA then you will need a knowledgeable and strong lawyer who will protect your rights at any cost.

Speeding and Reckless Driving

You first fear after getting a citation for reckless or speeding driving is the loss of your driving privileges. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you might be facing jail time on these charges but it does not have to always end up this way. For this you will require an experienced and aggressive traffic ticket lawyer New Jersey who will fight to protect your rights.

Our main objective is your acquittal. We make use of all legal means we have to reduce the consequences of your traffic citation. We always try to get your issues resolved through negotiations but we can also take your case to the trial to get the outcome of your choice.

Driving Without a License

If you get caught and charged for driving with a suspended or a revoked license then it is natural to worry about your driving privileges. You might think that you would be facing serious consequences like incarceration. At such time, Mr. Michael Greenberg can help in protecting your rights as he has the necessary experience.

Municipal Court and District Court Offenses

If you are charged with small crimes such as possession of controlled substance in small amount or for shoplifting and if the prosecutors/police might have told you that jail time is unavoidable. However, that is not true. With the help of an experienced attorney you can find different ways to avoid incarceration. It does not matter whether you have been charged with these minor crimes before; the attorney will try his hardest to get you acquitted.

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