Government vs. Apple? This Former Prosecutor Backs Apple.

I was a prosecutor in two states, and I founded the Internet & Computer Crime Division of one of the largest prosecuting agencies in the country. I have seen, and have been a part of, the advent and growth of the use of digital forensics in criminal investigations. And although I applaud the governments efforts […]

Additional Thoughts on the Passing of Justice Scalia

by Gerard Magliocca February 13, 2016 In addition to what Ive posted at Balkanization, I want to add a couple of further technical things. Some discussion is already underway about the relevance of Justice Abe Fortass inability to get confirmed as Chief Justice Earl Warrens successor in 1968 (another presidential election year). I recently published […]

Microsoft Moves The Cloud to the Ocean Floor

By Carlie Bacon Some like it hot, but datacenters dont. When they get too toasty they crash, making waves in the sea of data storage and access. Microsoft is making waves of a more useful variety. The company just launched Project Naticka research effort that includes underwater data centers. As cloud computing becomes more prevalent, […]

The Resilient State: New Regulatory Modes in International Approaches to Statebuilding?

Pospisil, Jan and Kuehn, Florian P, The Resilient State: New Regulatory Modes in International Approaches to Statebuilding? (February 4, 2016). Third World Quarterly, January 2016, DOI:; Edinburgh School of Law Research Paper No 2016/03. Available for download at SSRN: Resilience has quickly risen to prominence in international security and development circles. In […]

Take-Two Interactive accused of infringing tattoos in NBA 2K video games

LeBron James in full tattoo glory on the cover of NBA2K14. The rights holders of tattoos on NBA superstars Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and other professional basketball players are suing Take-Two Interactive, alleging that the maker of the NBA 2K video game series and other titles is infringing their artwork. The federal copyright infringement lawsuit […]

PTAB Denies Petition for CBM Review of Patent Directed to ATM Banking Transactions: a Portent for Patent-Eligibility of Business Methods? (Maybe Not)

The USPTOs Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) has denied a petition for Covered Business Method (CBM) Review of U.S. Patent No. 6,081,792, whose claims recite methods of providing money or an item of value to an account-holder and paying on behalf of a person for money or an item of value, from an account […]

Study concludes rodents have compassion for one another

Bloomberg Faye Flam For all its apparent simplicity, a new experimental study showing that mouse-like rodents can be nice to each other now stands at the vanguard of a scientific revolution. The paper, published in the journal Science and promoted under the headline, Empathy More Common in Animals than Thought, could never have been […]

Appeals court says first patent troll hit with fees under Octane must pay up

FindTheBest CEO Kevin O’Connor and Director of Operations Danny The top US patent courthas upheld an award of attorneys’ fees (PDF) against a patent troll that sued a startup called FindTheBest (now Graphiq) in 2013. The fee award against Lumen View Technology was the first one granted under new rules that came into effect […]

Lawyers who sued Facebook over minors’ purchases seek $1.25M in fees

Facebook credits for sale in Target. Facebook has agreed to change some of its procedures around refunds to minors who made purchases without their parents’ consent. The changes are part of a proposed settlement (PDF)in Bohannon v. Facebook, a class-action lawsuit originally filed in 2012. The original complaintdescribed how Glynnis Bohannon gave her child, identified […]