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Insure Your Risk as an Airbnb Host

5 Insurance Tips for Emerging Companies | Main February 19.2016 by Richard Robinson As Bay Area residents prepared for thousands of football fans and media to descend on their region for the Super Bowl, one began to hear the sorts of rumblings that typically precede big events. Traffic will be terrible. Parking will be worse. […]

Vaping in the News

We haven’t posted on vaping in a while; last time we looked it was in relation to how The ObamaTax treated it for rating purposes (Spoiler Alert: Smoking/Vaping bad, Meth use fine). It’s important to distinguish between vaping e-liquid with nicotine extract vs completely nicotine-free. Although artificial nicotine is available, there’s really no way for […]

Medical Bankruptcy

Ive been meaning to comment on this timely and recent New York Times article: The article in turn refers to this joint Kaiser Family Foundation/New York Times Survey: I, like many of you, have been paying attention to the Presidential campaign and debates. My question, since I havent anything from most of the […]

Leslie Hess Appointed as the Interim Director of the Arizona Department of Insurance

Leslie Hess Appointed as the Interim Director of the Arizona Department of Insurance On February 9, 2016, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey appointed Leslie Hess as the Interim Director of the Arizona Department of Insurance. Hess has more than 25 years of experience in both public and private sectors of the insurance and financial […]

Wet Weather Driving Tips as Bay Area Sees Rainy Start to 2016

When it comes to the weather in California, one word has dominated the headlines in recent years: drought. However, this year is off to a much rainier start than years past. While we could certainly use the rain, it is important to remember the fundamentals of rainy day driving. Rain and water can make travel […]

Uninsured Motor vehicle doesn’t have to include government vehicles 8th Cir, Ark law (unpublished)

Home > New Case > Uninsured Motor vehicle doesnt have to include government vehicles 8th Cir, Ark law (unpublished) In American Alternative Insurance Corporation v Williams,Williams was injured while riding as a passenger in an ambulance when it got hit by a city bus. Williams got a $475,000 judgment against the bus company, which paid […]

Bad Faith Insurance – How Tough Is It?

Mineral Wells insurance lawyers and all insurance lawyers who keep up with what is happening in bad faith litigation will find this article interesting. It is from the Claims Journal and is titled, Going on the Offensive in Defending Bad Faith Claims. I do not agree with this article but here is what it says. […]

Santa Rosa Tenants’ Attorney on Renters’ Rights in Northern California

There are few things we take for granted a much as clean air and a safe place to sleep. Sadly, our Santa Rosa tenants lawyer knows that many Californians do not have this luxury. As a pending lawsuit alleges, many of our neighbors are stuck in unsafe living conditions, problems exacerbated when landlords turn a […]

Ted Cruz Lies

We all remember this promise: [embedded content] So it’s surprising that Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz would make the obviously and demonstrably false claim that he and his family had lost their Blue Cross health insurance because the carrier cancelled all of its individual policies. He further compounded this lie with the equally silly claim […]

Winter Weather Driving and Car Insurance

Well it is finally here: winter weather. If you have to get out and about in it, here are some winter driving tips along with a very important piece of advice about your insurance. Before you go: Clean your windows of ice and snow.Make sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid.Ensure you have plenty […]