Freedom, Asylum Seekers, and Two Lots of European Human Rights – Michael Rhimes

C-601/15 JN (in French only) offers important insights into the detention of asylum seekers. It also somewhat of a double bill, involving not one but two sets of European Human Rights. In this post I will set out the facts, give a quick refresher of the relationship between the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) […]

DBE Fraud Guilty Pleas Result In Sentences Of Probation And Restitution Of $1.3 Million

In my post from yesterday, found here, I reported on the DBE pass-through fraud scheme engineered by Carl M. Weber Steel Service, Inc., and Karen Construction, Inc. On January 11, 2016, Dennis and Dale Weber, the owners of Weber Steel, were each sentenced to sixmonths home confinement and fiveyears probation, and Weber Steel was placed […]

Clifford Durand and Violence Against Women Allowed on Twitter

Clifford Durand is a student at St. John’s University who recently threatened to “smash” a “bitch” in his class because she had a Donald Trump sticker on her computer. (You can find an archive of the Tweet here.) None of the people who speak out about “harassment” against women will have anything to say aboutClifford […]

The Week That Was: All of Lawfare in One Post

Jonathan Zittrain gave us some good and some troubling news: we are not going dark. Susan Landaureflectedon the new report Dont Panic and stated that we have a strong reason for national policy to favor ubiquitous use of encryption. Bruce Schneieraddedto the security versus surveillance battle. Ben, meanwhile,shared his out-of-the-box way to address the going […]

Event announcement

Andrew Hamm Manager Posted Wed, February 3rd, 2016 12:55 pm Posted Wed, February 3rd, 2016 12:55 pm by Andrew Hamm On February 16, the National Constitution Center will host a discussion onUnited States v. Texas, the challenge to the Obama administrations deferred-action policy for certain undocumented immigrants.Speakers will include Josh Blackman, Adam Cox, Cristina Rodriguez, […]

[Eugene Volokh] Apple’s Find My iPhone feature comes through, even when the phone’s ringer is off

My son lost my wifes iPhone in the house, and the ringer was off, so we couldnt just call it. Fortunately, I remembered something about there being a Find My iPhone feature. I Googled a bit; went to; signed on with my wifes Apple ID; clicked on Find iPhone; clicked on All Devices; clicked […]

Wall Street Journal on China’s Recruitment of Foreign Soccer Players (Quoting Gary Chodorow)

Trying to impress my 8-year-old son, Jacob, I told him that I was quoted in todays Wall Street Journal about how Chinas national soccer team is seeking to recruit foreign players. His response: that was an odd choice by theJournal because dad knows nothing about soccer. Sigh. My sons opinion of my soccer skills is […]