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Does a Parent Paying Child Support Pursuant to New Jersey’s Child Support Guidelines Also Have to Pay for a Teen Driver’s Auto Insurance?

On October 21, 2015, the Hon. L.R. Jones, J.S.C., a family court judge in Ocean County issued an opinion that was approved for publication this week in the matter of Fichter-v-Fichter. Judge Jones addressed the question of whether a parent already paying child support pursuant to those Guidelines also has to pay an additional amount […]

Missouri Child Custody Bill Promotes Equal Sharing

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 Missouri Child Custody Bill Promotes Equal Sharing From KCUR: A bill being heard this week by a Missouri legislative committee promotes shared parenting a flexible arrangement in which children spend as close to equal time as possible with each parent after separation or divorce. The legislation proposes adding language to the […]

Die Dildo Schule – für herrliches Vergnügen

Wer auch alleine genieen mchte wird frher oder spter ber die Anschaffung eines Vibrators oder Dildos nachdenken. Doch wie so oft im Leben stellt sich schnell die Frage: welcher ist fr mich der Richtige? Um den ein oder anderen Fehlkauf zu vermeiden sollte man sich ein wenig umschauen oder sich ein paar Tipps zu verschiedenen […]

Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

By Diana Westrick, Legal Assistant, Woodruff Family Law Group Listen up, Greensboro! Single does not have to equal lonely. In fact, it is the time that we update our definitions and expectations to what being single truly signifies: independence, opportunity, and a bounty of love available to share. While the upcoming love holiday can often […]

Part 25 – Give You What You Like by Naina

“Give You What You Like”By-NainaPart – 25 I was about to pack my things from my desk and meet randhir waiting for me out of the office gate so that we can move out together …… Hey sanyukta please take these files and check whether they are correct or not and after checking male them […]

Part 23 – Give You What You Like by Naina

“Give You What You Like”By-NainaPart – 23I was not angry I just felt bad that you were talking about her . And not teeling me why you got angry ..and my words got hitched as soon I felt his breaths on my neck ..tickling the skin thus driving the hell out of me I felt […]

2 Abortion Foes Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Are Indicted

Saturday, January 30, 2016 2 Abortion Foes Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Are Indicted From New York Times: A grand jury here that was investigating accusations of misconduct against Planned Parenthood has instead indicted two abortionopponents who made undercover videos of the organization. Prosecutors in Harris County said one of the leaders of the Center for […]

Tips for Avoiding a Lengthy Divorce

Going through adivorcecan be stressful, and will likely be especially traumatic when the divorce process takes a long time. A divorce can be easier and less upsetting for everyone involved if the situation can be resolved quickly. Typically, a faster divorce marks a more harmonious uncoupling, which can be beneficial for the entire family. Transitioning […]

Federal Conspiracy Against Rights Charges

US Federal law makes it a serious crime for a person to conspire with another to take certain actions against another persons civil rights, as set forth in 18 U.S.C. 241: If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the […]

Rights of Non-Parents and Grandparents to a Child

Issues involving the rights of non-biological parents such as grandparents, stepparents or unmarried partners are currently the number one litigated family law issue in newyork. When someone has built a long-term relationship with a child that is being threatened as a result of a divorce or another situation outside of their control, the effects can […]