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Edison Library Wills, Estate Planning & Probate Seminar March 8 at 7pm

Edison Library Wills, Estate Planning & Probate Seminar March 8 at 7pm Free community program WILLS & ESTATE ADMINISTRATION- PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND MAKE PLANNING EASYSPEAKER: Kenneth Vercammen, Esq. Edison, NJ (Author- Answers to Questions About Probate) The NJ Probate Law made a number of substantial changes in Probate and the administration of estates and […]

A "power of appointment" – what is that?

The Georgia Supreme Court recently handed down the case of Smith v. Ashford (full text below the break), in which it dealt with a testator’s use of a “power of appointment.” What is a power of appointment? In estate-planning parlance, a power of appointment is used when a benefit is given, together with a right […]

Is It Affordable To Get Help From A Financial Advisor?

Saturday, February 13, 2016 Is It Affordable To Get Help From A Financial Advisor? There are many people who neglect to get the assistance of an experienced financial advisor because they think that it might not be affordable. This article explains why getting the professional assistance of an experienced financial advisor is a valuable investment […]

Grounds for challenges to a Will

Kenneth Vercammen, Esq is Co-Chair of the ABA Estate Planning & Probate Committee and presents seminars to attorneys & the public on Wills,Probate and other legal topics related to Estate Planning and Elder law. He is a Middlesex County trial attorney who has published 130 articles in national and New Jersey publications. He was awarded […]

2015 films with aging themes

Being a senior isn’t what it used to be. It’s better! At least Hollywood is beginning to think so. There have been quite a few movies with characters who are seniors, or themes about getting older. Though I am not yet among the ranks of seniors, I certainly hope to join them one day. Click […]

Should You Save Something for Your Closing?

Posted on February 3, 2016 by Julie Brook, Esq. Although it may be tempting to cover everything during cross-examination, there are situations in which its better to save something for your closing argument. In fact, its a time-honored rule among some litigators to always save something for your closing. But that strategy can be risky, […]

Protect Your IRA

I just finished my new book Protect your IRA : Avoid the 5 Common Mistakes! Here is the Table of Contents The 3 Reasons Most People Experience Confusion with Their IRAs Dont Just Focus on the Taxes Avoid the 5 Common Mistakes Common Mistake #1: Trying to Avoid Income Taxes Now Common Mistake #2: Incurring […]

A Warning for Long-Term Care Patients: Monitor Your B12 Levels

Todays entry is a little different from my usual blogs, and its written especially for my clients who are currently receiving some form of long-term care. A brand-new study out of Canada, reported in U.S. News & World Report, finds that Vitamin B12 deficiency is surprisingly prevalent among long-term care patients, and its a real […]

New 2016 IRS Contribution Limits for 401k, 403(b) and IRA Retirement Accounts

The IRS recently announced the new cost of living adjustments to the annual limits on retirement contributions. These limits impact the amount of money you can contribute to specific retirement plans. This can have an effect on how you formulate your estate and retirement planning in Tennessee. The new 2016 annual limits for contributions to a 401(k), 403(b), […]

Estate Planning For Copyrights, Patents, And Trademarks

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 Estate Planning For Copyrights, Patents, And Trademarks One very important aspect of estate planning is deciding how property will be distributed after a person dies. Property can include more than just tangible assets, money, and real estate. If a person possesses valuable intellectual property, they will need to plan for that […]