Reduce Your Penalties with the Help of a Legal Representative

It is illegal to drink and drive in all jurisdictions of the US, though the enforcement differs broadly between and within territories/states. Let us see what happens when get caught in a DUI/DWI case and how to prevent it. BAC BAC or Blood Alcohol Content is mostly used as a measure of the alcohol intoxication […]

Weekly Roundup

Russian Delegation Convenes in Reno to Tackle Juvenile Justice Issues, Nevada Business The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ), the Nevada Division of Child and Family Services and the Child Assault Prevention Project participated in a roundtable at the University of Nevada, Reno. Speakers discussed initiatives, justice systems and protective services offered […]

Hacking: The New Frontier of Criminal Activity

This month Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital disclosed that hackers infiltrated its computer system, and they infected them with malwaremaking the computer system inaccessible. The hackers originally demanded 3.4 million to remove the malwareto give control back to the hospital. Although not payingthe initial demand,The hospitaldid take theextraordinarystep of capitulating andpaying a $17,000 ransom to the hackers. […]

What's on our radar this week

February 16, 2016 What’s on our radar this week posted byJuvenile Law Center Each week, Juvenile Law Center gathers the latest studies, reports, and headlines from around the country. Here’s what we’ve been reading: Did we miss a big story? Email us at with your headline Tags:Weekly Newswire

Will the U.S. Senate play politics with the Supreme Court vacancy?

February 17, 2016 As you know, on February 13, 2016, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away in his sleep while on a hunting trip.That leaves eight justices on the Court: four conservatives and four liberals. There are many cases on the Courts calendar this term that are set for oral argument and decision. They […]

Sixth Circuit Finds No Remmer Violation and Rejects Johnson Challenge in Death Penalty Appeal

In United States v. Taylor, a jury in theEastern District of Tennessee convicted Defendant Rejon Taylor of carjacking and kidnapping that both resulted in death and of using a firearm tocommit murder while committing the referenced offenses. The jury recommendeda death sentence, which the district court imposed.One of themore interesting issues Taylor raised on appeal […]

"Of Systems and Persons: The Ability and Responsibility of Corporate Law to Improve Criminal Punishment"

New SCOTUS short-list name to excite sentencing fans: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson |Main| Compassionate release consensus and dissensus at US Sentencing Commission public hearing February 17, 2016″Of Systems and Persons: The Ability and Responsibility of Corporate Law to Improve Criminal Punishment” The title of this post is the title of this interesting-looking new paper available […]

Court Limits Privilege Waiver Related to Advice-of-Counsel Defense in FLSA Action

Employers typically waive the attorneyclient privilege when they assert the advice-of-counsel defense to show their good-faith attempt at FLSA compliance. But what is the scope of that waiver? The SDNY recently provided its answer by limiting the scope of waiver to lawyers communications to employees relevant to the FLSA advice. The court found no privilege […]