26 and Counting

To what end, exactly?That’s the question Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Pfeifer asks today. Actually, that’s my phrasing. What Justice Pfeifer said is. The act begs thequestion: Why?The “act” was the court’s order setting an execution date for James Frazier, sentenced to be killed for the March 2004 murder of Mary Stevenson in Toledo. It’s […]

University of Texas Releases Study on Impact of Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 University of Texas Releases Study on Impact of Texas Anti-Abortion Law Ms. Magazine Blog: Texas Anti-Abortion Law is Having a Predictably Terrible Effect on Women, by Lily Wujek: The University of Texas at Austin recently released a study on the impact of Texas’s HB2 Anti-Abortion Law on access to contraception and […]

Clifford Durand and Violence Against Women Allowed on Twitter

Clifford Durand is a student at St. John’s University who recently threatened to “smash” a “bitch” in his class because she had a Donald Trump sticker on her computer. (You can find an archive of the Tweet here.) None of the people who speak out about “harassment” against women will have anything to say aboutClifford […]

Reproaction Launches to Advance Reproductive Justice

Saturday, February 6, 2016 Reproaction Launches to Advance Reproductive Justice Feministing (Jan. 25, 2016): The Feministing Five: Reproaction, by Suzanna Bobadilla: Erin Matson and Pamela Merritthave foundedReproaction a direct action group working “to engage peopleacross the US to fight forreproductive justice.” Erin Matson explains, [W]e are proud to be a direct action organization. Direct action […]

Public Attitudes Toward Truth in Sentencing

Public Attitudes Toward Truth in Sentencing The final version of my article Imprisonment Inertia and Public Attitudes Toward Truth in Sentencing’ is now available at theBYU Law Reviewwebsite. Coauthored with Darren Wheelock, this article is based on research conducted through the Marquette Law School Poll. Here is the abstract: In the space of a few […]

Obama Puts Solitary Confinement on Notice

The American people got a wake-up call yesterday from President Barack Obama about solitary confinement, a barbaric practice thats routine in our countrys prisons, jails, and juvenile detention centers. The White House delivered a new report on solitary from the Department of Justice and a simultaneous pledge in an op-ed by the president to sharply […]

Exclusive Interview of Michael Yudin, Assistant Secretary of Education – Part IV #Yudin, #interview

This is the fourth post involving our exclusive interview with Michael Yudin, the Assistant Secretary of Education for special education and rehabilitative services. This is a big honor for this blog! His biography is available in a previous post. We are grateful to the Secretary and his staff for this interview. The format of the […]

Suit Seeks "Church Plan" Designation To Avoid Liability For Bankrupt Pension Plan

In Nashville (TN), an important charitable foundation, the Baptist Healing Trust Fund, last week filed a declaratory judgment action against the U.S. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation seeking to avoid potential liability to the PBGC in connection with the now-bankrupt retirement plan of the former Baptist Hospital. According to the complaint (full text) in Baptist Healing […]