Medical Bankruptcy

Ive been meaning to comment on this timely and recent New York Times article:

The article in turn refers to this joint Kaiser Family Foundation/New York Times Survey:

I, like many of you, have been paying attention to the Presidential campaign and debates. My question, since I havent anything from most of the candidates about this, and too little from others, is this:

What kind of a country do we have, when good hard-working, family people, who have health insurance have to claim bankruptcy, because we allow the health insurers/managed care companies to limit coverage and refuse to pay their medical bills?

This affects Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, of every ethnicity, irrespective of their beliefs, nationwide.

The greatest country in the world permits this to happen to our people, while others are making money on their misery. I dont imagine that anyone chooses to be seriously ill.

Its not like the health insurers are losing money:

We ought to be ashamed.

Posted on February 12, 2016 by Jeffrey M. Liggio