Will the Supreme Court Kill Immigration Reform?

immigration reform

On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced a sweeping plan for executive action on immigration reform.

His program would shield an estimated 5 million immigrants from deportation, including young immigrants known as Dreamers who were brought here illegally as children.

The measures would also allow the parents of United States citizens and legal permanent residents to apply for work permits and secure a reprieve from deportation.

Shortly after the announcement, 26 states filed a lawsuit claiming the program constitutes an impermissible overreach of Obamas executive authority as president. The states won an injunction which blocks the President from moving forward with his plans.

The immigration reform measures remain on hold while the states and the executive branch fight it out in court.

This month the U.S. Supreme Court finally decided to take up the case. Oral arguments will begin this spring and a ruling should be issued in June.

The Supreme Courts decision will either clear the way for immigration reform to go forward this year or effectively kill any chance of reform being enacted before a new president takes office.

The fate of over 11 million immigrants hangs in the balance . . . .