Can You Sue a Restaurant for Food Poisoning?

Can You Sue a Restaurant for Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is one of lifes horrific little surprises. After a nice night out, you might have to deal with days of agony. You could miss a big meeting, have to call out to work and even spend some time in the emergency room. Its only natural that you might believe someone needs to pay for your pain. In legal terms, you very well might want to bring a lawsuit. The question remains, though, whether you have any standing to do so. The answer, as you might surmise, is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no.

A Qualified Yes

If youre looking for a direct answer, youll find a qualified yes after looking around. Yes, food poisoning is actionable. Its the vagueness of the act itself that makes the yes qualified, though, as you arent always able to collect even if you do believe youve gotten food poisoning from a given restaurant.

Know the Law

Before you start down this road, its important to look to the laws of your stateif theres anything on the books that limits your ability to collect from a restaurant, youll be out of luck. This isnt the case in most states, thoughbut its a good place to start.

Showing Harm

To bring a suit for food poisoning, you have to start by showing that a harm occurred. In legal terms, this means you need to show that you suffered some kind of harm that has caused you some form of monetary damage. If you get a sick stomach and go to work the next day, theres not going to be a chance for you to collect. If youve missed work or had to incur any medical expenses, though, youre more likely to have a valid suit.

Finding Proof

If you can show damages, you then have to show your illness came from the food (or environment) in that specific restaurant. This is incredibly hard to prove, and might involve expensive testing and legal assistance from Pritzker Law or a firm in your area. This doesnt mean you shouldnt go through with the process, of course, but it can be a major hurdle. The cost of testing can be rolled into the amount awarded you by the court, but be carefulyou could end up footing the bill if your suit is spurious.

You might be able to sue for food poisoning, but that doesnt always mean you should do so. Always consult a lawyer before you try to bring any sort of lawsuit. A good attorney will help you determine if you should move forward in your attempt to collect damages.

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