How To Prepare for (and Get the Most Out of) Your Immigration Assessment

Immigration AssessmentTo help you prepare for (and get the most out of) your Immigration Assessment, you should take the following five steps:

1. Take Care of the Basics

If your appointment is on Skype, be on the lookout for ourcontact request and confirm it prior to our start time. If your appointment is in our office, the address is 5601 Democracy Drive, Suite 200, Plano, TX 75024. We are on the second floor, Suite 200 (shared with Reimbursement Counselors). If your appointment is by telephone, Ill call you at the designated start time.

2. Prepare a List of Questions

Write down a list of questions you want to ask usabout your immigration situation. Bring the list to your appointment and be ready to take notes. Questions that most people ask include: How long will make case take? What are the legal fees? Are there any government fees I need to pay?

3. Gather Your Case Documents

If this is your first immigration case, you may not have any documents to gather. If you are a foreign national, youll need to bring your passport if you have one. If you would like me to review a problem with a case you already filed, youll need to bring a copy of any petitions or applications you filed and all correspondence from the government immigration agencies.

4. Set Aside Time for Your Appointment

Add your appointment to your calendar and be sure to allow enough time to get to our office if you are appearing in person. Traffic is insane in Plano during rush hour, so give yourself extra time if you are arriving around 8:00 AM or 5:00 PM.

Your Immigration Assessmentwill last for up to 50 minutes only, so please be on time and ready to go at your appointment start time.

5. Relax

For many of you, this will be your first meeting with a law firm. Remember we arehere to help you. To get the most out of our meeting, you should relax. Do not be afraid to ask questions and take notes. Wewill need to ask you a number of questions to determine your best course of action. Be honest and upfront. It is important that you feel comfortable with usin order for us to work together.

We look forward to meeting you!