How To Manage Your Online Reputation

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So Ive been giving some thought lately to reputation management in light of reputation dudebro trying to blackmail me. It was an ineffective and comical attempt, but still, it happened. Im in a bit of a unique situation when something like this occursasI have a long running blog (6 years this year). Dozens and dozens of blogs have linked to Associates Mind, as well as media outlets like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Pagerank isnt around anymore, but when it was Google thought I was pretty good. I can get a post on the first page of Google search results in a few hours. If you Google Keith Lee, its me and a retired NBA player.

That doesnt make me special in the least, but it does mean that I have a buffer against someone trying to soil my reputation. Im easily Google-able. Its hard to displace my online presence because it is well-established. But most people dont have a long running blog. They dont have a robust presence across social media. Theyre focused on doing their job be it a lawyer, accountant, consultant, or whatever. Being concerned about a website, SEO, orsocial media is not something occupyingmuch of their time.

Until something comes along and tries to take a swipe at their reputation. Then peoplecare very much.

So I thought it would be worth the time to explore online reputations, black and white hatSEO, online marketing and the like. But Im also aware that Im a bit myopic on the topic. My experience and position is not that of most people. I needed to talk with someone else who spends all their time on this stuff so that I can provide you with useful information.

So I reached out to GyiTsakalakis:

Gyi TsakalakisGyi helps lawyers understand how to use the internet for client development at AttorneySync. He also has a somewhat unhealthy relationship with Michigan football and loves talking defense. Oh, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Ive known Gyi for a few years now. He knows what hes talking about when it comes to online marketing and management. Hes also a (non-practicing) lawyer, and is one of the few legalmarketers who consistently talks about ethical legal marketing and avoidingBS. I asked him if we could chat about online reputation management and he agreed.

If youre curious or concerned about handling your reputation online, mark your calendars, and dont miss it.