Tips for Avoiding a Lengthy Divorce

Going through adivorcecan be stressful, and will likely be especially traumatic when the divorce process takes a long time. A divorce can be easier and less upsetting for everyone involved if the situation can be resolved quickly. Typically, a faster divorce marks a more harmonious uncoupling, which can be beneficial for the entire family. Transitioning to a new way of life means that adjustments must be made by everyone. A prolonged divorce can drag on, making the family hang in limbo for a much longer period of time than is healthy. Fortunately, there do exist some tips for avoiding a lengthy divorce, which you may wish to follow if you are separating from your spouse in Florida.Divorce Settlement TermsIn Florida, as in other states, the family courts prefer that couples work through the major terms of settlement in a divorce. These may include issues such as division of assets, distribution of debts, child custody and visitation, and alimony. Generally, property and other assets that have been accumulated during the marriage are considered marital property and must bedivided equitably. This can get difficult when couples are in discord. However, a reasonable settlement can be achieved and will be resolved before the divorce is granted, and if not, then the judge will decide your fate. To ensure that the divorce doesnt stall you will need to have some flexibility while making certain that you get your fair share.Uncontested DivorceAn uncontested divorce is one of the best ways to instill harmony in a divorce. When both people agree to the basic settlement of the divorce the situation can proceed much faster and easier. Keep in mind that the end result is to achieve a divorce where both people come away with about the same net value in assets when all is said and done. This may mean that some compromise is necessary. It may be a good idea to make a list of the important or valuable assets and establish an approximate dollar assessment. Let your attorney know the items or property that you want to be sure to keep as well as those that are less important to you. This will help to make negotiations simpler.It is also important to note than an uncontested divorce is not possible for all spouses; as such, you may wish to consult with your Tampa divorce attorney to discover whether or not an uncontested divorce is a possibility in your case.Resolution of DisagreementsWhen disputes arise they can cause even a simple divorce to stall. It is essential to identify the points of dispute so that they can be quickly dealt with and resolved. The longer a problem is left to fester, the more difficult the issue will become, which can spill into all aspects of the divorce. A skilled divorce attorney is often your best option when problems occur. Your lawyer knows how to negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best possible results. When a resolution is not forthcoming it may be necessary to seek mediation.Choose an Experienced Divorce AttorneyWhen you want to be sure that the divorce process is as fast and easy as possible, choose an attorney with expertise in handling divorces. Divorce requires not only knowledge of the laws and legal system governing divorce, but also negotiation and litigation skills that are essential in difficult situations. A good divorce attorney can diffuse a potentially volatile condition before it gets out of hand or threatens to make the divorce acrimonious. Count on the compassionate Tampa divorce attorneys at All Family Law Group, P.A. to help make your divorce as easy and stress free as possible.