Part 23 – Give You What You Like by Naina

“Give You What You Like”By-NainaPart – 23I was not angry I just felt bad that you were talking about her . And not teeling me why you got angry ..and my words got hitched as soon I felt his breaths on my neck ..tickling the skin thus driving the hell out of me I felt chills running down my spine

Its okay .he said and settled himself on my bed .

What are you doing on my bed .? I asked

Sanyukta I am really screwed down tonight and I need some sleep he said and began to remove his shirt

This really shocked ..what he is doing ..seriously he is a psychopath

Well your bed can also offer you sleep ..and it more biger than this bedI said

Till then his shirt has left his body and was resting on the cold tiles of the floor .

bed doent matter miss aggarwal what matters is the warmth my huge expensive and ravish room has everything but warmth is far away from it he said

hell man he is saying this all so innocently as if it is so easy . I was really startled and was continuously staring his bare chest .. well really he looks sexy and hot specially shirtlss when his whole muscular body is lying on my bed

suddenly he got me staring him and I looked away . But I dont know why he began to laugh ..

what why are you laughing huh ? I asked really irritated.. first he came to my room ..talked silly things .. then settled on my bed shirtless and said that he wanted to sleep with me .. and now he is laughing

oh my god !!! you are so nave by saying that I wanted to sleep here .. I meant to just sleep beside you ..and not having sex .He said and clutched a pillow in his arms

Yayaya ,.. I know … But why you wanna sleep beside me ? …. I asked .. It gives me warmth sanyukta ….it makes me feel completed … He said

Omg he is confusing me more and more … But how … ? I asked again …. You ask so many questions … Aggarwal .. He said … And you answer none of them … I said with a pout

.., Because some questions are meant to be left unanswered ….now you can sleep to if you want … We have to do loads if work tomorrow … Office you k,ow ….he said and switched off the lights …. He is confusing … I concluded and slept on my bed …. And called it a night …..


……To be Continue in next the Part !!