"If You F*** With Me…"

The Illinois Administrator has filed a complaint alleging misconduct in a criminal matter in which an attorney represented her boyfriend.

The boyfriend was charged with threats to opposing counsel in a civil matter and a deputy sheriff.

The alleged false statement were in connection with bond and

On March 16, 2015, Respondent wrote to Assistant States Attorney Jeremiah Adams (“ASA Adams”) about Frenchs case, and presented arguments as to why the State should consider dismissing the case against French, including statements about [alleged victim] Brandts purported animosity against French. In the letter, Respondent stated she was present with French after a trial in October 2014, where attorney Brandt, the alleged victim in Count One, was also present. Respondent stated that Brandt called her a “cunt” and “flipped me off.” Respondent also stated in the letter that during the October incident Brandt said to French, “I am going to get you, you motherfucker.” Respondent also stated that she asked the bailiff if the bailiff would ask Brandt to leave.

Respondents statements regarding what happened after the October 2014 hearing were false, in that Brandt did not call her a “cunt,” did not “flip her off,” and did not tell French “I am going to get you, you motherfucker”; and Respondent did not ask the bailiff to have Brandt leave.

She also is charged with misconduct toward another victim-witness

During her conversation with King on February 5, 2015, Respondent repeatedly talked about the number of people she had sued on Frenchs behalf, and stated that she had considered suing King.

While discussing who she was suing, Respondent said “because my thought is, if you fuck with me Im going to fucking destroy you. With Greasy [Venturelli] starting this shit with Dan over a card game in all this shit, and Jonathan Brandt starting this shit. Brandt is just mad because he was out-lawyered, too fucking bad, suck it up. But dont take it out on fucking Dan. . . and the only reason that I think this came up about the phone harassment is because Jonathan Brandt was talking to Dans old lawyer, Louis Bertrand, who I may sue his fucking ass too I mean, it wont cost me a God damn thing, Ill sue fucking everybody.”

During the February 5, 2015 conversation, King told Respondent the Peru Police Department had sent him a statement to sign, and that he didnt know what to do about it. Respondent told King: “no, I wouldnt give it to them because if they wanted a statement from you, then they should have got it back in July [2014].” Respondent also advised King that if he sent back the statement “.. theyre going to try to bring you back to Illinois.”

During the February 5, 2015 conversation Respondent also told King “so I mean heres the thing Brett, with that statement, I mean my thought is whoever walks away and leaves Dan fucking alone, then Im going to leave them fucking alone. If somebody wants to pursue it, they dont want that fight with me.”

During the February 5, 2015 conversation, King asked “if I dont send the statement in thats in front of me, Im not going to get sued, right?” Respondent replied “well thered be no reason to.”

My Web Times reported that the attorney was named a Rising Star of illinois.(Mike Frisch)