Get Your Charges Reduced With the Help of an Experienced Lawyer

The DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) laws in the state of New Jersey are quite strict. As a result of this, many of the accused find it better to plead guilty instead of hiring a lawyer. But this is not a wise decision as there are several DWI lawyers that can help you in getting out of this predicament. They will think of different strategies that will minimize or dismiss your punishment altogether.

Drunk driving
Drunk driving

There are several processes involved in a Driving While Intoxicated case and a counsel helps you by handling the case expertly through all these steps. The DWI Lawyer New Jersey collects all the relevant records and studies the details. They will know of any defects in the State’s case and about the Constitutional rights of their clients.

For instance, an individual has been charged with DWI for drinking alcohol inside a parked vehicle. The state will have to prove the intention of driving and that the person’s BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) was above the permissible limit when the person was operating his vehicle. An experienced lawyer might be able to undermine the contention of the state. Some of the tests may not be viable scientifically. If there is delay in the hearing then influence the citizen’s right to a speedy trial.

There are some ways in which a good DWI Lawyer New Jersey will be able to help a client. The first consultation is free and when choosing a legal representative, you have to keep certain points in your mind. You should hire an attorney who is specialist in his field rather than a general law practitioner. Study his career history carefully. If a lawyer asks you to plead guilty then it is advisable that you look for another attorney. You should not be afraid to ask the right questions; after all you will be paying for his services.

If you do not hire a lawyer then according to your charges your driver’s license might get suspended, you will be heavily fined and it can also result in imprisonment. A competent attorney would be able to provide you with the right advice. If he thinks that defense strategy might be helpful or if it is advisable to admit guilt, then he will freely speak his mind in such situations.

A DWI Lawyer New Jersey should be able to ask you all the right questions. The accused should always write down all the details of his arrest. This is so that an attorney will be able to get the precise details.

To make sure that your legal representative has an effective defense you should provide him with details like the statements you made to your arresting officer. Information such as the name of the witnesses, any independent tests taken and other such details. A smart DWI Lawyer New Jersey will get your sentences reduced. It is possible for an attorney to reduce the jail term for the accused if he is ready to go for rehabilitation program. It is also likely that Michael Curtis Greenberg, Esq. may get you the other alternatives; like he can have your earlier convictions vacated.