European Commission Celebrates Data Protection Day; Deadline for US-EU Data Protection Framework Approaches

On January 28, the European Commission issued a statement in observance of its 10th European Data Protection Day. Vice President Ansip and Commissioner Jourov commented on the December 2015 agreement on EU data protection reform, noting that [w]ith one streamlined set of rules across the European Union, we will cut red tape and ensure legal certainty, so that both citizens and companies can benefit from the Digital Single Market. The United States and the European Union are scheduled to reach an agreement on the Safe Harbor data transfer program in the upcoming week, to which Ansip and Jourov commented: These flows are essential, between EU countries, but also between the EU and its closest partners. The European Commission is currently working on a renewed and safe framework on transfers of personal data with the United States. We need an arrangement that protects fundamental rights of Europeans and ensures legal certainty for businesses.

TAGS: Data Security, European Union