The Antitrust Week in Review

January 4, 2016

Here are some of the developments in antitrust news this past week that we found interesting and are following:

RadioShack Antitrust Lawsuit: Sony, Samsung, Toshiba And Others Accused Of Illegal Price-Fixing Conspiracy. The liquidation trustee for the former retail giant RadioShack is accusing five of the worlds largest consumer electronics companies of illegally conspiring to create an intricate price-fixing scheme that artificially inflated the cost of optical disk drives, a common component present in many devices, computers and appliances. In a federal antitrust lawsuit filed Wednesday in Northern California, the trustee accused Sony Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, Samsung, Philips Electronics and Light-On IT Corp. of participating in a six-year price-fixing conspiracy, which allegedly took place from January 2004 until at least January 2010.

Dow and DuPont will merge in a $130-billion megadeal, then split 3 ways. Industrial giants Dow Chemical Co. and DuPont Co. said Friday that they had agreed to merge and form a chemicals and agricultural powerhouse valued at $130 billion. After the all-stock merger, the new company to be called DowDuPont plans to split again into three publicly traded companies, with one focused on agriculture, another on materials and plastics and a third on specialty products. Given the proposed new companys size, the deal is expected to receive antitrust scrutiny.

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