Suing Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Line is currently the largest cruise line in the world, offering 24 cruise ships with at least two more intended to join the fleet in the next three years. Carnival touts itself as the fun cruise, offering amenities that appeal to children, families, and older individuals. Millions will ride on a Carnival cruise annually, and most will have an enjoyable trip. However, an unfortunate few will be injured or take seriously ill while on their cruise. They may find themselves needing to file a lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines due to the circumstances surrounding the accident.

At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, our cruise ship accident attorneys have assisted injured passengers in filing claims against Carnival Cruise Lines for decades. We understand the obstacles faced by injured cruise ship passengers, especially when forced to go up against the powerful entity of Carnival Cruises.

Do I Have a Claim Against Carnival?

It is important that anyone injured on a cruise ship understand that not every injury will entitle them to compensation. At times, accidents occur on cruise ships which are just thatpure accidents that are not the fault of the cruise line. For this reason, it is critically important that you retain the assistance of an experienced cruise ship accident attorney who will thoroughly assess your injuries and the circumstances surrounding them to uncover whether you have a claim against Carnival.

Carnival Cruise Lines has its corporate headquarters and in house legal department in Doral, Florida, a suburb of Miami. Anyone injured on a Carnival Cruise must file suit in federal court in Miami, as per Carnivals contract agreed to by all passengers at the time of booking their cruise.

In recent years, Carnival Cruise Lines have seen several disasters. A fire aboard the Carnival Triumph left thousands of passengers stranded in the Gulf of Mexico for days without power. Passengers reported horrific conditions, including overflowing toilets, putrid scents, oppressive heat, and more. Carnival has also been the site of several overboard accidents in recent years. While this cruise line prides itself on providing a fun experience, these cruises are often crowded and crowded conditions can lead to accidents.

Taking Action Against Carnival

Your first step if you have been injured on a Carnival Cruise will be to obtain prompt medical attention and report your accident using the written accident report form available on the ship. Take pictures if possible and obtain the contact information of witnesses to the accident. You should then contact a cruise ship accident attorney as soon as possible. Your cruise ship accident attorney will assist you in evaluating your potential action against Carnival. If you have a viable option, your attorney will help you to make essential deadlines and will fight for your full recovery.

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