Consequences of A Getting A Speeding Ticket

Any individual can get a ticket for speeding. For example, a person can unconsciously speed up their vehicle above the limit or someone getting late for their meeting can usually result in a speeding ticket. Most of the people get confused after this point whether they should pay for the traffic ticket or defend themselves in the court of law. A traffic ticket lawyer New Jersey can help you in getting out of such situations. When you accept the traffic ticket it can meet the following consequences:


Numerous traffic tickets:

Several jobs require for you to drive frequently and an employer doesn’t want to hire a person who has many speeding tickets to his name. This will ultimately cost you your job. There is a possibility that you can defend the traffic ticket and hence keep the record clean.

Higher Rates:

When you pay for the ticket it means that you have accepted your fault and this will eventually result in high insurance premium. The more points you have on your license the more you will be considered as a risky driver and it will increase your auto insurance charges.

A study was conducted by insurance according to which if you get a single ticket it will increase the insurance rate by 22%. The penalties might be even higher if you have several offences to your name. This is why it is advisable that you hire a Ticket Traffic Lawyer New Jersey so that he can represent you in the court and have your charges dropped.

License Suspension:

Your driver license can get suspended for time being for reasons such as: being pulled over for DWI/DUI, numerous points for traffic violations, etc. This is sure to get your license suspended if you do not hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer New Jersey. The will review all the details of your case and look for ways in which you will be able to retain your license.

License Revocation:

Suspension of license is temporary and it will get reinstated after a time period. However, when your license is revoked it is forever and you would not be able to drive a car ever. You would be prohibited to drive in your state. But with the aid from a Ticket Traffic Lawyer New Jersey you can for your revoked or suspended license.


Some of the speeding incidents in New Jersey are considered serious if they result in damage to property or accident. Such reasons are classified as felonies or misdemeanors that can result in loss of your driving privileges, hefty fines or even imprisonment.

From this, you can derive that the effect of a single ticket can be more that just paying fines or accumulation of points. However, when you have a Traffic ticket lawyer New Jersey by our side, this ensures that you will get best legal service possible. But always remember that the best defense anyone can have is to never end up in a situation that gets you a ticket!

Law Offices of Michael Curtis Greenberg, Esq. is located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and I have been a DUI and Defense Attorney for the past 25 Years. Using all the resources at my disposal, I ensure that my clients get a competent and aggressive representation in front of the judge or jury.


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